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Dan Blair, Partner - Hawaii.nu Vacation Rentals
Dan Blair
Partner & Lodging Manager

Hawaii.nu is something different, something better and something more completed. My name is Dan Blair and after 25 years in the vacation rental industry, including Hawaii, my partners and I have built a central reservation website and service just for vacation rentals all over the Hawaiian Islands.

We do not manage onsite properties but instead we partner with top managers all over the state who operate a wide variety of condos, homes and villas. Each home is carefully tended to by these partners.

Easy Bookings

We don’t profess to be experts at the Hawaiian language but the "nu" in our website indicates we are building the biggest and best central advertising services in Hawaii.

Our job is to make it easy for guest to provide a large selection and find and book these wonderful places. Reservations can be made 24/7 on line and we are open long hours everyday to help with orders. Plus we have 24/7 phone support for guest issues or questions.

Join our statewide Hawaiian network

Nothing we do interferes with your current operations. Continue to advertise and take booking like always, but authorized to send you extra bookings for a modest commission. We take care of guest details, including directions and instructions. So they just show up at your place ready for fun

Easy to Start. Easy to Profit

Joining the Hawaii.nu website takes very little time. With your permission we can grab property information from your website, match your terms and conditions, and have you approve our listings before making them visible.>/p>

So when its time to make the maximum income, with the most attentive dedicated central reservation website, contact us for details, answers and action.

CONTRACT: Because a variety of service options are possible, actual terms and conditions of any relationship will be determined by mutual agreement between the parties as recorded in a written agreement prepared and approved prior to commencement.